What is an ILO?

A new form of crowdfunding, the ILO which stands for Initial License Offering is allowing individuals to buy into businesses and receive royalty payouts based on that companies revenue. 

Licenses give the holder a quarterly payout for up to three years at which time the license is either extended or bought back by the company.


Buy a license in a product and start selling it. The more you sell the more you earn. You can earn a direct commission on each sale, this amount will be agreed upon purchase of the ILO.

Receive weekly commission payments and quarterly royalty payments from the overall performance of the ILO product.


ILO Network is a wholly new, streamlined, process driven, sales and monitoring platform for a new age and a new type of network marketer.

This unique platform connects the network marketing world with powerful secondary trading markets. Combining physical and digital products with a structured system meaning a whole new level of financial gain and mass sales for network marketers.

ILO Exchange already sells licenses for product and offers a secondary trading platform dedicated to the sale, management, payment processing and trading of these licenses so they can be bought and sold between marketers and companies.  ILO Network now takes this trading system and adapts it for individual products. Marrying this with Nat and Chanida’s amazing expertise and network creates a platform that offers limitless potential globally to both current network marketers and those looking to start marketing.

What’s more, ILO Network not only offers network marketers direct income through hundreds of highly sellable products, it also gives them the ability to generate passive income through owning revenue shares in products (an ILO portfolio), as well as list products of their own, raising capital, awareness and of course, increasing sales and the value of their portfolio in the process. Add to that, instant verification of sales, payment and up to the minute statistics on sales and marketing activity and for network marketers, it’s a no-brainer.

It’s time for active network marketers to see what they’re missing and those new to the game to get in on the crest of a new wave, owning and promoting products they believe in.